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Basic Features

Take control of your diet
Track your diet with the food log
See your calorie, carb, fat, and protein intakes
Balance the calories you eat vs burn
See your intake of over 30 nutrients
Compare your nutrition to your RDAs and Daily Values
Get the Nutrition Facts for any food
Find and correct problem areas in your diet
Uncover and overcome emotional, social, and contextual eating triggers
Analyze and graph long-term trends in your diet
Enter your own custom foods and recipes

Monitor your metabolism and activities
Track your activities and exercises with the activity log
Get a personalized estimate of your daily metabolism
Customize your metabolism estimate to your lifestyle
Enter intensity, time, distance, and pace for each activity
See the calories burned from each activity
Enter your own custom activities
Plan your weight loss
Get a BMI assessment of your current weight
Set a target weight and a deadline date
Plan you diet to achieve your goal
Monitor your weight and diet to stay on track towards you goal

Track your progress
Track and graph your weight loss
Track and graph your body measurements
Track your daily moods
Find relationships between your mood and diet
Keep a daily diary of your thoughts and feelings

Analyze and graph your success
Generate dozens of graphical reports about your diet and fitness
Customize reports to analyze any time range
Easily print reports
Detailed descriptions for all reports
See if you're on track at-a-glance with the Overview page