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Top 7 Reasons for FitDay
  1. Succeed with Weight Loss
    If you're trying to lose weight, you need FitDay! FitDay gives you the daily feedback you need to take control of your diet and lose weight. Keep your calories, carbs, fat, and protein on budget. Plan and monitor your weight loss. Learn to optimize your food choices. In short, everything you need for controlled and sensible weight loss.

  2. Break Unhealthy Eating Habits
    Overeating can be triggered by emotional or social cues. FitDay can help you identify and overcome the triggers that cause you to eat. Improve your eating behaviors and acquire a healthier relationship with your food.

  3. End the Guessing Game
    Losing weight used to be a matter of guesswork. Am I over budget today? Can I eat that food? Should I exercise more? But a haphazard diet based on guesswork leads only to confusion, frustration, and failure. With FitDay you get the daily feedback you need to carefully control your weight loss -- without the guesswork.

  4. Improve Your Nutrition
    Good nutrition is critical for life-long health and peak mental and physical performance. With FitDay you see at-a-glance if you are meeting your daily nutrition requirements. FitDay shows your intake of over 30 nutrients -- vitamin A through Zinc. And if you're low in a nutrient, FitDay can help you find good food sources of that nutrient.

  5. Stay Motivated
    Losing weight is a long-term goal. But you need to stay motivated everyday! Self-monitoring with FitDay helps you stay motivated and focused. Watch yourself succeed, as each day takes you closer to your goal.

  6. Stop Unconscious Eating
    Many people don't take time to reflect on their food choices. But with FitDay you learn to become accountable for your food and exercise choices. You won't unconsciously grab for that extra snack when you remember that it all goes into FitDay at the end of the day. FitDay gives you the feedback to see the consequences of your choices.

  7. Overcome the Hidden Barriers
    Barriers to your weight loss can be mysterious. Your weight loss may stop without an obvious cause. FitDay helps you uncover these hidden barriers. You can discover and overcome problem foods, changes in your metabolism, behavioral triggers, and other barriers to your weight loss.