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How many calories are burned doing Home repair?.

Click to see how many calories are burned for each activity.
Airplane repair
Automobile body work
Automobile repair
Carpentry, finishing or refinishing cabinets or furniture
Carpentry, general, workshop
Carpentry, outside house, installing rain gutters
Carpentry, sawing hardwood
Caulking, chinking log cabin
Caulking, except log cabin
Cleaning gutters
Excavating garage
Hanging storm windows
Laying or removing carpet
Laying tile or linoleum
Painting, outside house
Painting, papering, plastering, scraping, inside house, hanging sheet rock, remodeling
Put on or removal or tarp-sailboard
Sanding floors with a power sander
Scrape and paint sailboard or power boat
Spreading dirt with a shovel
Wash and wax hull of sailboard, car, powerboat, airplane
Washing fence
Wiring, plumbing