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How many calories are burned doing Lawn and garden?.

Click to see how many calories are burned for each activity.
Carrying, loading, or stacking wood, loading/unloading or carrying lumber
Chopping wood, splitting logs
Clearing land, hauling branches
Digging sandbox
Digging, spading, filling garden
Gardening with heavy power tools, tilling a garden
Gardening, general
Implied walking/standing-picking up yard, light
Laying crushed rock
Laying sod
Mowing lawn, general
Mowing lawn, riding mower
Mowing lawn, walk, hand mower
Mowing lawn, walk, power mower
Operating snow blower, walking
Planting seedlings, shrubs
Planting trees
Raking lawn
Raking roof with snow rake
Riding snow blower
Sacking grass, leaves
Shoveling, snow, by hand
Trimming shrubs or trees, manual cutter
Trimming shrubs or trees, power cutter
Walking, applying fertilizer or seeding a lawn
Watering lawn or garden, standing or walking
Weeding, cultivating garden