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How many calories are burned doing Occupation?.

Click to see how many calories are burned for each activity.
Bakery, general
Building road (including hauling debris, driving heavy machinery)
Building road, directing traffic (standing)
Carpentry, general
Carrying heavy loads, such as bricks
Carrying moderate loads up stairs, moving boxes (1640 pounds)
Coal mining, drilling coal, rock
Coal mining, erecting supports
Coal mining, general
Coal mining, shoveling coal
Construction, outside, remodeling
Electrical work, plumbing
Farming, bailing hay, cleaning barn, poultry work
Farming, chasing cattle, nonstrenuous
Farming, driving harvester
Farming, driving tractor
Farming, feeding cattle
Farming, feeding small animals
Farming, forking straw bales
Farming, milking by hand
Farming, milking by machine
Farming, shoveling grain
Fire fighter, climbing ladder with full gear
Fire fighter, general
Fire fighter, hauling hoses on ground
Forestry, ax chopping, fast
Forestry, ax chopping, slow
Forestry, barking trees
Forestry, carrying logs
Forestry, felling trees
Forestry, general
Forestry, hoeing
Forestry, planting by hand
Forestry, sawing by hand
Forestry, sawing, power
Forestry, trimming trees
Forestry, weeding
Horse grooming
Horse racing, galloping
Horse racing, trotting
Horse racing, walking
Machine tooling, machining, working sheet metal
Machine tooling, operating lathe
Machine tooling, operating punch press
Machine tooling, tapping and drilling
Machine tooling, welding
Masonry, concrete
Masseur, masseuse (standing)
Moving, pushing heavy objects, 75 lbs or more (desks, moving van work)
Operating heavy duty equipment/automated, not driving
Orange grove work
Police, directing traffic (standing)
Police, driving a squad car (sitting)
Police, making an arrest (standing)
Police, riding in squad car (sitting)
Printing (standing)
Shoe repair, general
Shoveling, digging ditches
Shoveling, heavy (more than 16 lbs per min )
Shoveling, light (less than 10 lbs per min)
Shoveling, moderate (10-15 lbs per min)
Sitting-light office work, in general (chemistry lab work, light use of handtools, watch repair or micro-assembly, light assembly / repair)
Sitting-meetings, general, and/or with talking involved
Sitting; moderate (heavy levers, riding mower/forklift, crane operator)
Standing; light (bartending, store clerk, assembling, filing, xeroxing, put up Christmas tree)
Standing; light/moderate (assemble/repair heavy parts, welding, stocking, auto repair, pack boxes for moving, etc) patient care (as in nursing)
Standing; moderate (assembling as fast rate, lifting 50 lbs, hitch/twisting ropes)
Standing; moderate/heavy (lifting more than 50 lbs, masonry, painting, paper hanging)
Steel mill, fettling
Steel mill, forging
Steel mill, hand rolling
Steel mill, merchant mill rolling
Steel mill, removing slag
Steel mill, tending furnace
Steel mill, tipping molds
Steel mill, working in general
Tailoring, cutting
Tailoring, general
Tailoring, hand sewing
Tailoring, pressing
Tailoring, sewing machine
Truck driving, loading and unloading truck (standing)
Typing, electric, manual or computer
Using heavy tools (not power) such as shovel, pick, tunnel bar spade
Using heavy tools such as pneumatic tools (jackhammers, drills, etc)
Walking on job, 3.0 mph, in office, moderate speed, not carrying anything
Walking on job, 3.5 mph, in office, brisk speed, not carrying anything
Walking on job, less than 2.0 mph (in office or lab area), very slow
Walking or walking downstairs or standing, carrying objects about 100 lbs and over
Walking or walking downstairs or standing, carrying objects about 25-49 lbs
Walking or walking downstairs or standing, carrying objects about 50-74 lbs
Walking or walking downstairs or standing, carrying objects about 75-99 lbs
Walking, 2.5 mph, slowly and carrying light objects less than 25 lbs
Walking, 3.0 mph, moderately and carrying light objects less than 25 lbs
Walking, 3.5 mph, briskly and carrying objects less than 25 lbs
Working in scene shop, theater actor, backstage, employee