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How many calories are burned doing Walking?.

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Backpacking, general
Carrying 1 - 15 lb load, upstairs
Carrying 16 - 24 lb load, upstairs
Carrying 25 - 49 lb load, upstairs
Carrying 50 - 74 lb load, upstairs
Carrying 74+ lb load, upstairs
Carrying infant or 15-lb load (e.g. suitcase), level ground or downstairs
Carrying load upstairs, general
Climbing hills with 0 - 9 lb load
Climbing hills with 10 - 20 lb load
Climbing hills with 21 - 42 lb load
Climbing hills with 42+ lb loads
Hiking, cross country
Marching, rapidly, military
Pushing or pulling stroller with child
Race walking
Rock or mountain climbing
Up stairs, using or climbing up ladder
Using crutches
Walking, 2 mph, level, slow pace, firm surface
Walking, 2.5 mph, downhill
Walking, 2.5 mph, firm surface
Walking, 3.0 mph, level, moderate pace, firm surface
Walking, 3.5 mph, level, brisk, firm surface, very brisk pace
Walking, 3.5 mph, uphill
Walking, 4.0 mph, level, firm surface, very brisk pace
Walking, 4.5 mph, level, firm surface, very very brisk pace
Walking, for pleasure, work break, walking the dog
Walking, grass track
Walking, less than 2.0 mph, level ground, strolling, household walking, very slow
Walking, to work or class