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Web Resources

Weight Loss: General
Weight-control Information Network - (WIN)
Weight Loss for Life - (WIN)
Setting Goals for Weight Loss
6 strategies for successful weight loss - (Mayo Clinic)
Losing Weight: More Than Counting Calories - (FDA)
Managing Your Weight - (American Heart Association)
Losing Weight Safely - (FDA)
Weight control links - (Mayo Clinic)
Weight Loss FAQ - (National Women's Health Information Center)
Weight-loss and Nutrition Myths - (WIN)
Popular diets: The good, the fad and the iffy - (Mayo Clinic)
Alternatives to Fad Diets - (American Heart Association)
Weight Cycling - (WIN)

Weight Loss: Assessing your Weight
Assessing Your Risk - (NIH)
Evaluate your body weight - (Dietary Guidelines for Americans)
BMI: What Does This All Mean? - (CDC)
Weight Management - (American Dietetic Association)
Weight Control - (American Academy of Family Physicians)
Healthy Weight - (Harvard School of Public Health)
Understanding Adult Obesity - (NIH)
Health Risks of Being Overweight - (NIH)
Overweight and Obesity Health Consequences - (Surgeon General)

Weight Loss: Setting a Goal
Setting a Weight Goal - (Dietary Guidelines for Americans)
Healthy Weight Advice for Consumers - (Surgeon General)
Realistic goals for weight loss - (American Heart Association)
Tips for Adults: If you need to lose weight. - (NIH)
Setting Goals for Weight Loss
Ways to Win at Weight Loss - (FDA)
Losing Weight Safely - (FDA)

Weight Loss: Planning Your Diet
Guidelines for good nutrition - (Mayo Clinic)
What is the best way to lose weight? - (National Women's Health Information Center)
How Dieting Works - (How Stuff Works)
Build a Healthy Base - (Dietary Guidelines for Americans)
Choose Sensibly - (Dietary Guidelines for Americans)

Diet and Nutrition
Dietary Guidelines for Americans
Guidelines for good nutrition - (Mayo Clinic)
Using the Nutrition Facts Panel on Food Labels - (FDA)
RDA and DRI: Not Just Acronyms! - (USDA)
Nutrition: Tips for Improving Your Health - (American Academy of Family Physicians)
Reducing Cancer Risk - (American Academy of Family Physicians)
Nutrient Information - (
Vitamins and minerals - (Mayo Clinic)
Facts about vitamins, minerals and macronutrients - (Northwestern University)
Vitamins and Minerals - (USDA)
Micronutrient Information Center - (Linus Pauling Institute)

Metabolism and Exercise
Slow metabolism: Is there any such thing? - (Mayo Clinic)
Active at Any Size - (NIH)
Physical Activity and Weight Control - (NIH)
Exercise and Weight Control - (
Walking: A Step in the Right Direction - (NIH)

Eating Disorders
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders
Eating disorders - (Mayo Clinic)

Misc Reference
Obesity, physical activity, nutrition, and weight control glossary - (NIH)
Find a Nutrition Professional Near You - (American Dietetic Association)
Interpreting News on Diet - (Harvard School of Public Health)