FitDay PC is a new version of FitDay that runs on your home computer. This means you can enter foods faster, enjoy more powerful features, and use FitDay even when you are not online!
FitDay PC has arrived
Since we launched almost five years ago, it has grown to be one of the most popular fitness websites. We've received enormous feedback from our users, and one request that came up more than any other is for users to be able to run FitDay on their own PC. Users wanted to be able to enter foods faster, to see more advanced features, and most importantly, to get all of the power of FitDay without having to be online. We are happy to announce that FitDay PC is here!

  • Faster Entering foods is now just a matter of typing the name of the food. A popup list automatically appears showing all the foods that match what you type. You can also drag and drop foods from a list of your most recent foods.

  • Easier Using FitDay PC is very intuitive. All the features are just a click away. No searching for a particular report, or struggling to enter a food. The FitDay app will seem friendly and familiar from the moment you launch it.

  • More Features FitDay PC contains many new features not available on

    You can download FitDay PC now and be using it in minutes. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so give it a try!
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  • New Features!

    Stop Emotional Eating: Monitor how you feel when you eat. You can then figure out what emotions cause you to eat poorly.

    Find your Influencer: FitDay PC lets you track who you were with when you ate something. Do you know who your bad influences are?

    Print your Progress: All of FitDay PC's views are printable. Now you can post your progress on the refrigerator!

    View your Fitness Dashboard: The FitDay home page compiles all of the information from your journal in one place. See all of the important aspects of your fitness with one view.

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