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What is FitDay?
FitDay is easy-to-use software to help you take control of your diet and lose weight. Track and analyze all of the important aspects of your diet and fitness. Get the daily feedback you need to stay on track and succeed.

Control Your Diet
Keep your diet on track everyday. Simply enter the foods you eat, and see at-a-glance if your calorie, carb, fat, and protein intakes are on budget. Analyze long-term trends in your diet and nutrition. Break the emotional and social triggers that cause you to eat. Learn to distinguish the good foods from the bad foods in your diet. Meet your required intake of vitamins and minerals.

Monitor Your Metabolism and Activities
With FitDay you get a personalized estimate of the calories you burn per day. Customize your estimate to match your lifestyle. Track the activities and exercises you do, and see the calories burned from each. Monitor time, intensity, distance, and pace for each activity. Balance the calories you burn against the calories you eat each day.

Plan and Achieve Your Weight Goals
FitDay can help you manage your weight loss goals. Get an assessment of your current weight. Choose a sensible target weight and a deadline date. Plan your diet based on your goal. Graph your progress over time. FitDay customizes your account to keep you focused on your goal.

Track Your Weight, Measurements, Moods, and Diary
Keep track of your body as it changes. Track your weight loss and graph your progress. Track and graph your body measurements, including neck, bicep, forearm, chest, waist, hip, thigh, and calf. Track your daily moods, including happiness, stress, anger, hunger, health, and mental clarity. Analyze relationships between your mood and diet.

Analyze and Graph Your Progress
FitDay has dozens of easy-to-use graphical reports to help you analyze your diet and fitness. Customize reports for any time range. Print reports with the click of a button. Analyze and graph your calories, carbs, fat, protein, nutrition, eating patterns, metabolism, activities, weight loss, measurements, moods, and other trends.

And Much More!
FitDay is packed with tools to help you succeed with your goals. It has everything you need to take control of your diet and lose weight. And best yet, it's easy-to-use and affordable!

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