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How many calories are in Meat in Gravy, Sauce or Cream?

Choose any food and see calorie counts, nutrition information, carbs, fat and more.

All Foods > Meat (Beef, Pork, Misc) >  

 Beef bourguignonne
 Beef burgundy
 Beef curry
 Beef goulash
 Beef sandwich, sloppy joe, no bun
 Beef stew
 Beef stroganoff
 Beef, dried, stewed, Puerto Rican style (Tasajo guisado, carne cecina guisada)
 Beef, ground, stewed, seasoned
 Chili con carne
 Frankfurter or hot dog
 Goat, stewed, Puerto Rican style (Cabrito en fricase, chilindron de chivo)
 Ham, stroganoff
 Ham or pork
 Lamb curry
 Lamb or mutton
 Meat loaf, Puerto Rican style (Albondigon)
 Meatballs, Swedish, with cream or white sauce (mixture)
 Pork, stewed, Puerto Rican style
 Pork entree
 Pork stew, Mexican style, no potatoes, tomato-based sauce (mixture) (cerdo guisado sin papas)
 Salisbury steak, with gravy
 Sausage, with tomato-based sauce (mixture)
 Sausage gravy
 Spaghetti sauce
 Steak tartare (raw ground beef and egg)
 Steak teriyaki with sauce (mixture)
 Stuffed pot roast, Puerto Rican style, with gravy and stuffing