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How many calories are in Meat with Starch Item and Vegetables?

Choose any food and see calorie counts, nutrition information, carbs, fat and more.

All Foods > Meat (Beef, Pork, Misc) >  

 Beef chow mein or chop suey with noodles
 Beef entree
 Beef pot pie
 Beef stew, with potatoes
 Brunswick stew
 Chow mein or chop suey, with noodles
 Corned beef, with potatoes, no sauce
 Grape leaves, stuffed
 Green pepper, stuffed, Puerto Rican style (Pimiento relleno)
 Gumbo with rice (New Orleans type with shellfish, pork, and/or poultry, tomatoes, okra, rice)
 Ham entree, with potatoes, no sauce
 Ham or pork, with noodles
 Ham pot pie
 Jambalaya with meat and rice
 Lamb or mutton, with rice
 Lamb or mutton stew, with potatoes
 Meat pie
 Pork chow mein or chop suey with noodles
 Pork entree
 Rabbit stew, Puerto Rican style (Fricase de conejo)
 Rabbit stew with potatoes and vegetables
 Shepherd's pie
 Stewed variety meats, Puerto Rican style (mostly liver) (Gandinga)
 Stuffed cabbage rolls with beef and rice
 Sweet and sour pork with rice
 Tripe, stew, Puerto Rican style, with potatoes (Mondongo)
 Veal fricassee, Puerto Rican style (ternera en fricase)
 Veal stew, tomato-based sauce, with potatoes
 Venison stew, tomato-based sauce, with potatoes